Abs After Baby

The ultimate postpartum workout
program to rebuild your core,
strengthen your body and return
to the workouts you LOVE


I know how you feel...

You just had a baby, you're eager to workout,
but you have no idea where to start!

That's why I created
Abs After Baby!

To take the guess work out of
postpartum exercise!

To take the guess work out of postpartum
exercise! I designed this program to guide
you through postpartum

I've created the ultimate fitness program to help you
strengthen your core, build endurance & get you
back to your favorite pre-pregnancy workouts!


What's included?

  • 15-week schedule filled with quick +
    effective postpartum workouts

    A follow-along clickable workout calendar that takes you right to the video workout for each day!

  • 3 Levels of Fitness - Each level is
    designed to gradually build strength & endurance

    These levels are each 5 weeks long, but you can repeat any of the levels as many times as you'd like prior to beginning the next one if you feel like you need more time!

  • Core, Strength, Cardio & Sculpt workouts

    Variety of workouts, bonus workouts AND Fit Pregnancy ambassador workouts in the calendar! These range from core, yoga, barre, strength and cardio!

  • Postpartum Roadmap to help you navigate the first 6 weeks as a new mom.

    Postpartum is confusing and can be lonely! There are many tools available to you in the portal prior to even beginning the exercise routine. I want you to feel as equipped as possible!

  • Smart Mama Strategies to help you build a solid routine.

    It's all about consistency and the accountability in this program helps you create your routine with short and effective workouts!

  • Nutrition, Mental health, BONUS workouts & more!

    Registered Dietitian Marissa McCormick and Pelvic Floor Specialist Dr. Michelle Little provide Bonus content around nutrition, postpartum health and more!

designed for

This is a lifetime access, self paced program.
Immediately upon enrollment, you receive exclusive
access to your private membership portal with
workouts. Enjoy videos at your own pace. Take your
time LEARNING & exercising!


Stronger core than
ever before!

Bounce Forward

Foundational strength
for the total body

Quick workouts

Effective workouts that fit into
your busy schedule

Program Outline

Let's Get Started!

Here you'll find everything you need to know
for healing & recovery, your Postpartum
Roadmap, and a rundown of your program

The Fundamentals

This isn't your average workout program! I
know how challenging postpartum can be so
I've made sure to include 7 in-depth videos
to help you navigate the 4th trimester,
nutrition, baby blues & more!

Understanding Your Core

Knowledge is power! I want you to understand
all of the changes your body has been through
because it will help you get BETTER results!
Learn how to assess your postpartum body
and activate your muscles correctly!

Levels 1 Connect & Engage!

The first few weeks are all about making
the mind muscle connection and building
your foundation.

Level 2 Focus & Restore

This level focuses on balance, flexibilty &
strength as you restore your core!

Level 3 Strengthen + Thrive!

Endurance, conditioning and reshaping! *I
created these workouts to gradually get more
challenging as you regain your strength! Each
level contains Core, Upper body, lower body &
total body workouts.

BONUS workouts

Postpartum stretching, Booty builders,
HIIT workouts & Advanced workouts!


  • What do I get when I enroll?
    What do I get when I enroll?

    When you enroll in Abs After Baby Program you will receive lifetime access to 100+ videos, follow along workouts, Nutrition, Postpartum strategies & More to help you navigate exercise as a new mama! Immediately after your purchase, you will receive an email with your log in information.

  • How much does it cost?
    How much does it cost?

    The price of the program is $149. It's a one-time purchase and you will have lifetime access to the program and all of the future updates!

  • How many videos are in the course?
    How many videos are in the course?

    Abs After Baby contains over 100 videos including 15 fundamental videos, nutrition, fitness, etc!

  • Is there a schedule?
    Is there a schedule?

    Yes! The program includes a 15-week clickable PDF calendar that you can follow. It's a flexible workout program so you can make adjustments to the schedule as needed.

  • How long are the workouts?
    How long are the workouts?

    The workouts are quick and effective! They range from 5-15 minutes so you can sneak in a workout in-between feedings & diaper changes! You can also do 2-3 rounds of a workout if your schedule (and your baby) allow for it! The workouts are designed to be effective after just one round.

  • When can I start the workouts?
    When can I start the workouts?

    This will vary for each mama! Talk with your doctor before starting any exercise routine. Inside the program roadmap, I will explain how to know you are ready to exercise and the exact exercises you should start with!

  • When should I purchase the program?
    When should I purchase the program?

    I recommend purchasing the program while you're still pregnant! This way you can watch all of the content and prepare for postpartum. If you are a new mom, the earlier you enroll the better! This will ensure you have the tools to start working out. I want you to feel good and have more energy & strength heading into motherhood! This is also a great program for mamas who are months or even years postpartum if you haven't begun a consistent fitness routine yet!

  • I had my baby months ago, is it too late to start?
    I had my baby months ago, is it too late to start?

    It's never too late! If you haven't properly rehabilitated your core, it still needs to be strengthened! Whether your 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years postpartum, this workout will help you connect with your core and rebuild your muscles!

  • Will this heal my ab separation?
    Will this heal my ab separation?

    This program is not designed to heal severe Diastasis Recti, prolapse, or any other symptom caused by pregnancy/labor. If you feel you have one of these you should consult with your doctor and consider visiting a specialist who can fully assess your condition and provide custom feedback for you! With that being said, I've had many women reach out to tell me that the workouts have helped with their mild/moderate ab separation!