You're Pregnant!

Time to get diapers, bottles and a FIT MOM BODY!!


I get it.

Pregnancy has you feeling tired, weighed down and out of shape. You are so ready for more energy and a FIT pregnancy!


This is perfect for you if...

  • You have no energy to workout because you're pregnant.

  • You've saved workouts on Pinterest, but they're too hard to do with your belly.

  • You're exhausted from being pregnant & you're dreading a long workout.

  • You're desperate to have more energy and feel strong!



"I am 28 weeks pregnant and I loved the workouts! They were short, sweet and fun but did their job! I feel more energized, happy, proud of myself for completing this!. My goal was to workout every day. I loved that you did the workouts right along with us and commented on any pics you were tagged in. I had so much fun! Thank you for doing this!"

- Erin H.

"I love how quick and effective the workouts were.  I feel motivated to keep going. Even if I can only squeeze in a 10 minute workout.  I definitely felt your support! I love how active you are as a coach/trainer. You always respond to comments and messages and I feel like I know you. 

- Krystina L.

I am 28 1/2 weeks pregnant and I loved that the workouts were quick so I had time to get the rest I needed! I honestly felt so good! I feel more motivated to be healthier and be a better mom. 

I loved the interactions we had on Facebook as well as with other moms. It was motivating to see everyone in it together. Your videos were really helpful!

- Jackie P.


  • You didn't have to worry about gaining extra weight.

  • You could feel fit & strong during your pregnancy.

  • Exercise could be easy & fun from conception to birth!


Frequently Asked Questions

When you enroll in Fit Pregnancy Program you will receive lifetime access to over 100+ videos, written & video workouts, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset & More to help you have an awesome pregnancy!

+ Follow along workout videos with Kim and her ambassadors
+ Workouts for each trimester
+ Prenatal Core workouts
+ PDF to download and keep
+ Nutrition modules
+ Bonus workouts and Pregnant mama playlist
+ Motivation to keep going!


This program is for you if you are....

  • Pregnant and want to have more energy + strength 
  • Suitable for woman in any trimester. Workouts designed for every stage of pregnancy
  • Looking for prenatal-safe exercises to keep your body in shape.

This program is designed for healthy women who are having normal pregnancies. As always, it is a must to be cleared for exercise by your doctor. Program designed by Prenatal + Postnatal Certified Kimberly Lecuyer 


These workouts are great to incorporate postpartum as they do not put stress on your core. Make sure your doctor gives you the thumbs up!

Because this program includes a digital download it cannot be returned, I do not offer refunds or exchanges.


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